Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Preparations for Achdus Farbrengen VIDEO

Some farbreng... some learn... -Gimmel tammuz

Getting ready for the mass achdus farbrengen in 770

bochurim start schlepping benches and rearranging 770 for a mass farbrengen with a video of the rebbe.

In the last picture, bochurim appear to be trying to setup a place for the rebbe for the (originally planned) outside event.


R' Liberow from manchester learning rambam erev gimmel tammuz

Signing a Pan kloli for the Rebbe -Gimmel tammuz

...and "dmei pidyon"

Reb Pinye Korf: "I am only a Shomer Chinam..!"

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wilkes Barre Yeshiva bochurim come dancing into 770

Farbrengens ohr l'Chof Ches SIvan

Reb Kuti Feldman Shiur Chassidus "Korach" WITH VIDEO

Every Wednesday evening a group of baale batim get together in 770 for a shiur chassidus.

As promised, www.In770.com is happy to present to you video footage of (almost) the entire shiur, given b'tuv taam by Reb Kuti Feldman, mashpia in Oholei Torah and 770.
The shiur is in hebrew on a Korach maamer, from sefer ha'maamorim melukat.

Below are the videos:

Unique! Chossid in Jeans... known as "Zalman der Shikker"

Although this is not "in 770", he is still a classic in Crown Heights. 
...Once heard him asking: "Did the Rebbe ever go to a Dodgers game?"
May he live and be well.

Coming Later Today b'Ezras Hashem...

Photos and *VIDEO* of r Kuti Feldman giving a Shiur on a Korach Maamer, 
Photos of Farbrengens in 770 for Chof Ches Sivan (Today, the day the Rebbe arrived in America),
Photos and *VIDEO* of Wilkes berry Yeshiva Dancing late at night... 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013