Tuesday, February 26, 2013

iPhone in middle of Limmud Hatorah?!

Take a break from your phone during learning and davening.... Is it Pikuach nefesh if you dont answer that text?! Can it not wait until your done?!

It's interesting to note, that Lag b'Omer (5748 ?) the Rebbe said how every Jew can achieve the level of Rashbi which is "Toirasoi Umnasoi" (that Torah is his trade) by putting oneself totally into his learning; even if it is only for a few minutes! In that moment that you devote to learning Torah, be totally immersed in it. Don't allow any distractions. By this one achieves a "Mei'ein" of the level of Rashbi, who's entire "trade" was learning.

People, put down that phone when your learning! (and davening). Unite your mind with the "mind" kavyachol, of the Eibershter, (Tanya, chap. 5) and put him before anything else.

Likewise when praying, dont text. For heaven sakes, your talking to G-D!!! It is a plague which has to be stopped. And you can stop it.


  1. whats the big deal?! we're living in an age of smartphones after all....

  2. Are you living in an age only of smartphones, or smart brains as well?